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Financial Planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

At Kingston Wealth Management the initial and most critical element to any new client relationship begins with creating your WealthPlan.

Our 6 step process:

1. Establishing and Defining the Client Relationship

We begin by clearly explaining our philosophy to accumulating and preserving long term financial stability.  We outline and define the roles and responsibilities for both planner and client. We agree on how decisions will be made and how our compensation is structured.

2. Gathering Client Data and Goals

We take the time to learn about you and your family.  We want to gain a deeper understanding of the things that are most important to you.  Together we define actionable goals and determine the timeframe available to achieve them.

The following document provides a checklist of the important documents that will be needed in this step.  Financial Planning Document Checklist

3. Analyzing & Evaluating your Financial Status

We assess your current financial position by reviewing your accumulated assets, current and future sources of income, outstanding liabilities and planned expenses.  We outline the objectives your WealthPlan will address, such as Retirement Income, Education Funding, Insurance Needs, Estate Planning and more.

4. Developing Recommendations

Based on our discussion of your goals and after analyzing your current financial position, we present our initial recommendations on how to best achieve real results.  We will go over the recommendations with you and provide alternative solutions as needed.

5. Implement Recommendations

Together, we agree on the recommendations to implement and begin the steps necessary to put your WealthPlan into action.  At this time we will coordinate your plan with your CPA or attorney if necessary.

6. Monitoring Recommendations

We meet with you multiple times during the year to monitor your WealthPlan, review progress, and determine if any changes are needed to keep you on track towards your financial goals.  We are committed to stewarding your WealthPlan for its entirety.

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