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Retirement Planning

Saving For Retirement – AccumulationProviding Retirement Income – Distribution

Before we can start planning on how to begin the journey back down the mountain, we need to create a plan for how we are going to get the summit. Just as in mountain climbing, retirement planning begins with the goal of reaching the peak and without proper planning and preparation, it is unlikely we will reach this goal. To help our clients plan and prepare during the accumulation phase, ValMark Securities has created The ARC Process®. The attached video demonstrates how we use The ARC Process® to Plan For Success, Prepare for the Unexpected and Achieve Retirement Clarity with our clients. Watch the ARC® video below to learn about the process and contact us to get started today

Did you know that 80% of mountain climbing accidents occur on the way back down the mountain? The same issue can be applied to retirement. People spend the majority of their years saving and accumulating assets for retirement, but don't have a secure plan on how to make sure their assets last as long as they do in retirement. Watch this video to learn about the different risks you face in retirement and how we can help you address each one as you move from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase.