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The Kingston WealthPlan is our advanced online system that allows clients to organize all of their financial accounts and goals into one secure, online location.   Our WealthPlan system allows the experts at Kingston Wealth Management to create a financial plan specifically designed to address your objectives and goals.  The advanced technology of the WealthPlan system gives us the modeling and reporting capabilities to look at any "what if” scenarios in real time so you can see how revisions in the plan affect the outcomes.

To learn more about how the Kingston WealthPlan can help you get organized and plan for your future watch our video, or contact our office to schedule a demonstration.  

Benefits of the Kingston WealthPlan:

  • All of your accounts are visible in one secure location that is updated daily
  • You have access anytime, anywhere, even with your smart phone
  • Safekeeping of Documents: The Vault provides a secure place to store wills, trusts, insurance policies, deeds, powers of attorney, passports, etc.
  • All of your accounts and important documents are right at your fingertips. This makes it very easy on a spouse, children, and everyone involved.

The security of your data is the top priority for the WealthPlan system.  For that reason, the system is non-transactional making it impossible for money to be moved in or out of the system.